Through Time

The readers are invited to join the author in his intellectual journey spanning over the last five decades, to seek solutions to many long outstanding unrsolved socio-economic and political issues. In his view, the need for ‘Ijtihad’ on continual basis, unfettered by the constraints of time and space, was essential for the unity of mankind. Therefore, world-wide understanding and tolerance must surely be the first priority of every thinking human being. His only book in English opens with a quotation from Mathew Arnold’s poem painfully making the observation:

“And we are here as on a darkling plain,
swept with confused alarms of struggle and
flight,where ignorant armies clash by night.”

Hence, the book’s title: ‘Price of Ignorance’.

The books written in Urdu deal with several hotly-debated subjects, very much relevant from Pakistani perspective, such as: Reconstruction and Integrity of Pakistan, Relations with America, Democracy a mirage, Modern Crusade, Interest-free Economic World Order, etc. In short, these books reflect a sincere attempt to identify and describe the course of a ‘Third Path’, once so vehemently advocated by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

The publishers believe that the readers will be glad that they joined the journey through time, which transported them from their dismal past to a brighter future for generations to come, so that man and nature could live together in peace and harmony.

Comments and reviews emailed by the readers will be highly appreciated.


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